How the I.C.E. Block System Works

The concrete that fills the hollows at the tops and bottoms of the forms becomes horizontal beams. The horizontal reinforcing is placed on steel stud top edge per engineering requirements (depends on seismic zone).
The concrete that fills these cylindrical hollows becomes vertical columns. Reinforcing steel is included in at least every second column. The concrete between the columns is called the web.
Tongues and grooves interlock for correct alignment and insulation seal.
Pressing the first set of I.C.E. Block™ forms into the wet concrete footing creates a double barrier to water seepage at the footing.
Standard footing
1-1/2" wide metal attachment studs are located every 12" on center for fastening your choice of conventional interior and exterior finishes. I.C.E. Block™ has the only real steel stud attachment system.

  • Factory Corners, when stacked alternately, result in proper metal stud alignment, staggered joints, solid concrete posts, beams and webs, with no waste.
  • I.C.E. Block™ forms can also be trimmed to create a curved wall.

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